Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai Height, Age, Wife, Net worth, Biography, Family & More

Sundar Pichai (born July 12, 1972) is an Indian-American Business Executive from Madurai (Tamil Nadu, India). He is serving as the CEO of Google...
Spencer Neumann

Spencer Neumann Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Net worth & More

Spencer Neumann (born in 1968) is an American Businessman, Executive and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Netflix from Greater LA, USA. However, he removed...
Dan Lok

Dan Lok Wiki, Age, Wife, Net worth, Family, Biography, Height & More

Dan Lok (born November 24, 1981) is a Chinese-Canadian Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Business Trainer, Copywriter, Motivational Speaker, Marketer, Businessman, Youtuber, Consultant and social media sensation from Vancouver,...

Eric Yuan Wiki, Age, Wife, Net worth (Zoom CEO) Bio, Family & Facts

Eric Yuan (born in 1970) is a Chinese Internet Entrepreneur, Founder, Business Executive, and Investor from Xuzhou. He is best known as the founder...
Gerald Cotten

Gerald Cotten Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Net worth, Family & More

Gerald Cotten (born in 1988) is a Candian Entrepreneur and Business Executive from Toronto, Canada. Furthermore, he is serving as the CEO of the...
Dita Soedarjo

Dita Soedarjo Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Net worth, Family

Dita Soedarjo (born in 1992) is an Indonesian Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Investor, and CEO of Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Company from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has engaged...
Natalia Fileva

Natalia Fileva Wiki, Age, Husband, Biography, Net worth, Family & More

Natalia Fileva (born November 27, 1963) is a Russian Businesswoman, Executive, Entrepreneur, and Investor from Russia. Actually, she owns a Private Airline Company named...
Tim Leissner

Tim Leissner Wiki (Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband) Age, Bio & Family

Tim Leissner (born in 1971) is a German Banker and Financial Marketer from Germany. Moreover, he is the former employee of Goldman Sachets. Tim...

Anne Rigail Wiki, Age, Husband, Net worth, Biography, Family & More

Anne Rigail (born in 1969) is a French Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President at Air France from Paris, France. She started her career in...
Nur Sajat

Nur Sajat Wiki, Age, Husband, Net worth, Biography, Family & Height

Nur Sajat (born September 6, 1985) is a Malaysian Cosmetic Business Owner from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). In fact, she is the owner of the...

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