Sardar Roshan Khan

Sardar Roshan Khan Wiki (Saroj Khan’s Husband) Age, Biography, Kids & More

Sardar Roshan Khan (born in 1948) is an Indian Businessman from Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). He is best known as the husband of Saroj...
 Shirley Hung

Shirley Hung Wiki, Age (Ed Henry’s Wife) Biography, Family, Kids & More

Shirley Hung (born in 1971) is an American Chief Washington Editor NPR from Washington D.C. (United States). She started her career with the American...

Paddy Bowden Wiki (Bruce Dickinson’s Wife) Age, Biography, Family & Facts

Paddy Bowden (born 1961 - died May 18, 2020) was a British Homemaker and Celebrity Partner from Chiswick, West London. She is well-recognized as...
Jane Dickinson

Jane Dickinson Wiki, Age (Bruce Dickinson’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts

Jane Dickinson (born in 1958) is an English Former Celebrity, Public Figure, and Singer's Ex-partner from London. She is quite popular for the fact...
Miguel Antonio Cruz

Miguel Antonio Cruz Wiki, Age (Ryza Cenon’s Husband) Biography & Facts

Miguel Antonio Cruz (born in 1987) is a Filipino Cinematographer from Bacolod City, Philippines. He is best known as Ryza Cenon's spouse. He worked...
Chelsey Desmond

Chelsey Desmond Wiki, Age (Ian Desmond’s Wife) Kids, Biography & More

Chelsey Desmond (born in 1985) is an American Homemaker from Sarasota (Florida, USA). She stated that she started dating Ian when both of them...
Soledad Oppen Cojuangco

Soledad Oppen Cojuangco Wiki (Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.’s Wife) Age, Biography

Soledad Oppen Cojuangco (born in 1940) is a Filipino Self Employed and Philanthropist from Negros Occidental, Philippines. She worked as an associate in her...
Jillian Fink

Jillian Fink Wiki (Patrick Dempsey’s Wife) Age, Biography, Family & More

Jillian Fink (born 4 February 1966) is an American famous personality, make-up artist, model, social media personality, celebrity designer, and entrepreneur from Denton, Texas,...
RJ Anmol

RJ Anmol Wiki (Amrita Rao’s Husband) Age, Biography, Kids, Family & More

RJ Anmol (born January 27, 1981) is an Indian Radio Jockey from New Delhi, India. He is among the popular faces of the radio...
Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker Wiki, Age (Patrick Dempsey’s Wife) Biography, Kids & More

Rocky Parker (born 26 February 1940) was an American famous actress, model, entrepreneur, and television personality from Brooklyn, New York, United States. She was...

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