Jordan Lundberg

Jordan Lundberg Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net worth, Biography & More

Jordan Lundberg (born June 7, 1991) is an American Accounts Manager from LA, California (USA). In fact, he works in a company headquartered in...
Krishna Raj Kapoor

Krishna Raj Kapoor Wiki, Age, Husband, Net worth, Biography & Family

Krishna Nath aka "Krishna Raj Kapoor" (born December 30, 1930 - died October 1, 2018) was an Indian Homemaker, Celebrity Wife, and Famous Personality...
Jack Brooksbank

Jack Brooksbank Wiki, Height, Age, Net worth, Family & Biography

Jack Brooksbank (born May 3, 1986) is an English Wine Merchant and Former Nightclub Manager from London, United Kingdom. He is the Brand ambassador of Casamigos Tequila. This...
Natasha Shishmanian

Natasha Shishmanian Wiki, Age (Chris Evans wife) Family, Biography, Facts

Natasha Shishmanian (born June 4, 1980) is a British Professional Golf Player, Model, and Writer from London, UK. Furthermore, she is the third wife...
Lauren Kitt Carter

Lauren Kitt Carter Wiki (Nick Carter’s Wife) Age, Height, Family & Bio

Lauren Kitt Carter (born June 3, 1983) is an American Actress, Producer & Writer from California. However, Nick and his wife lost their second...
André Murillo

André Murillo Wiki (Alum Tori Kelly’s Husband) Age, Height, Bio & Family

André Murillo (born May 18, 1990) is a German-based Basketball Player. Furthermore, he is the loving husband of Tori. Furthermore, he supports his wife...
Jillian Stacey

Jillian Stacey Wiki (Keegan Bradley’s Wife) Age, Height, Bio & Family

Jillian Stacey aka "Keegan Bradley’s Spouse" (born October 29, 1987) is an American Social Activist (works with various canine organizations) and Homemaker from White River Junction,...
Amelia Wright

Amelia Wright Wiki (Matthew Wright’s Wife) Age, Height, Bio & Family

Amelia Wright aka "Matthew Wright's Wife" (born June 17, 1978) is an English Celebrity from Richmond. Currently, Matthew’s spouse is pregnant with his child. In...
Kelly Blair

Kelly Blair Wiki (Chelsi Smith’s Husband) Age, Family, Kids, Biography & Facts

Kelly Blair aka "Chelsi Smith's Husband" (born in 1971) is an American Fitness Coach and Gym Owner from Houston, Texas. He is popularly known as an...
Mira Rajput

Mira Rajput Wiki (Shahid Kapoor’s Wife) Age, Height, Biography & Family

Mira Rajput Kapoor (born September 7, 1994) is an Indian Celebrity Wife from New Delhi. Furthermore, she created a buzz after marrying to Shahid Kapoor...

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