Theresa May

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Theresa May (born October 1, 1956) is a British Prime Minister and Leader of Conservative Party. May is the second woman elected as PM...
Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards

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Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards (born June 6, 1978) is an American Senior Advisor in the Treasury Department. However, the Senior Advisor has accused of...
Kirsten Gillibrand

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Kirsten Gillibrand (born December 9, 1966) is an American Attorney and politician, who is currently serving as the United States Senator from New York....
David McLaughlin

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David McLaughlin (born in 1959) is a Canadian Sustainability Expert, Political Commentator and Public Policy Leader from New Brunswick, Canada. He is working with...
Pamela Karlan

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Pamela Karlan (born in February 1959) is an American Law Professor and Scholar based in the United States. She teaches law in the Stanford...
Ashley Estes Kavanaugh

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Ashley Estes Kavanaugh (born April 11, 1974) is an American Public official and Former political aide from Abilene, Texas. She is currently working as a town...
Matthew Whitaker

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Matthew Whitaker (born October 29, 1969) is an American Politician and, Professional Lawyer from Des Moines (USA). In fact, he is currently serving as...
Fraser Anning (born October 14, 1949) is an Australian Senator, Businessman, and Grazier from Brisbane, Australia. Furthermore, he is serving in the Queensland Senate from November 2017. In fact, Fraser succeeds Malcolm Roberts. Apart from that, Anning full name is William Fraser Anning. Mr. Roberts removes from his post due to the charges of dual citizenship. Meanwhile, Anning is with the Australian Party. However, he has expelled in October 2018 from the poltical. He has a short stint with One Nation too. Mr. Anning holds strong anti-immigration views too. Meanwhile, he faces several criticisms due to Muslim remarks. Recently, he gives a speech on the Christchurch Mosque attacks. Though, he uses words like “final solution” for Islam. Almost 49 people lost their lives in the shooting in the mosque. As a result, Fraser calls it is the immigration fault. His views reveal that Muslims did mostly attacks. Now, they have become victims. The mastermind behind the New Zealand attacks is Brenton Tarrant. In fact, he is the gym trainer based in Grafton, Australia. He clarifies his motive of killing several innocent people too. Recently, there are 7-8 Indians also missing after the shooting incident. Even, Scott Morrison (Australian, PM) is supporting the country in a tough time. Now, Fraser expels from the parliament for some time. In his speech, a boy comes and put an egg on him. Anning and his supporters beat the boy brutally. Profile, Age & Family The Controversial Politician was born on 14th of October 1949 in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia). Now, Fraser Anning’s age is 69 years old. Somehow, we could not get any updates about his family. Meanwhile, Fraser has studied in the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus. Dating History, Wife & Daughters Fraser did not discuss his relationships in the media. Furthermore, he is the husband of Fiona Ruth Anning since 1974. The duo shares two daughters whose name not known. In fact, Fiona and Fraser are business partners too. They own several hotels in Australia. [table id=3512 /] Some Interesting Facts about Fraser Anning Fraser did the job in the Australian Army Reserve from 1969-73. Additionally, he is also a sheep and cattle farmer. He inherited the business from his great grandfather Charles Cumming. In fact, Anning is the active user of Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, he began working as an independent politician. Actually, he supports the rally of Blair Cottrell (United Patriots Front). Blair is the neo-Nazi founder too. Furthermore, Fraser Anning’s net worth is $10 Million US Dollars (USD) in 2019. He publically opposes same-sex marriage and immigration. Anning gives a safe school program in the Senate. Moreover, he tries to hype the value of white families.

Fraser Anning Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Kids, Net worth, Height, Fact

Fraser Anning (born October 14, 1949) is an Australian Senator, Businessman, and Grazier from Brisbane, Australia. Furthermore, he is serving in the Queensland Senate...
Robert Mugabe

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Robert Mugabe (born February 21, 1924 - died September 6, 2019) was a Zimbabwean Politician from Kuthama, Zimbabwe. He served the Zimbabwe Prime Minister...

Malcolm Turnbull Age, Wife, Net worth, Biography, Family, Kids & Profile

Malcolm Turnbull Age, Wife, Net worth, Biography, Family, Kids, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Wealth, Parents, Personal Life Facts, Siblings & Profile: Malcolm Bligh Turnbull (born October...

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