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Zali Steggall Age, Husband, Biography, Net worth, Family, Kids & More

Zali Steggall (born April 16, 1974) is an Australian Politician, Lawyer, and Former Olympic Athlete from Manly, New South Wales. She gained fame as...
Tim Irving

Tim Irving Wiki, Age, Biography (Zali Steggall’s Husband) Family, Facts

Tim Irving (born in 1973) is an Australian Marketing Executive from Sydney Australia. Actually, he remains in media as the spouse of Zali Steggall...
David Cameron

David Cameron Wiki, Age, Bio (Zali Steggall Ex-Husband) Family, Facts

David Cameron (born in 1974) is an Australian Former Olympic Rower, Businessman, and Sports Personality from Sydney. He is best known as Zali Steggall former Spouse....

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