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Anthony Avalos

Anthony Avalos (born in 2008) was a kid who used to live in Lancaster, California, USA. When he was only 10 years old he got killed by his own mother Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva.

When the case got investigated by the police many disturbing facts came into light. It also came to know that his mother used to torture him by beating him and throwing hot sauce on his face.

A documentary named “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” is streaming on Netflix. In the final episode, they mentioned about Anthony and the similarities that are present in both cases.

Gabriel Fernandez was a kid who was also killed by his mother Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. Now when people came to know about this they are very shocked by the extent to which both cases have similarities.

Anthony Avalos death
Anthony Avalos’ death information.


Childhood, Parents, Siblings & Education

In the state, California in Lancaster Anthony Avalos (age 10 years old as in the year 2018) took birth in the year 2008. His father is Victor Avalos and his mother is Heather Barron. As we came to know he has 5 siblings but we don’t know their names.

Anthony used to go to El Dorado Elementary School. He was a talented child and his teachers used to appreciate him in school. Once his teacher got doubted that Avalos is getting tortured at his home and they even informed police about this but no actions got taken.


Personal Life & behavior

Those who came in contact with Anthony Avalos describe him as a sweet child who never bothered anyone whether in school or at home. He was a very talented child who used to take part actively in various school activities.

Anthony Avalos school
Anthony Avalos in school

Avalos was a well-behaved child who suffered throughout his childhood. In images, we can see how cute he was. The investigation also revealed that Leiva used to force his friends to beat him daily.


Some Lesser Known Facts about Anthony Avalos

Real Full Birth NameAnthony Avalos.
Age (As of 2019)10 years old.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday2008.
Birthplace/HometownLancaster, California.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight.
ReligionNot known.
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)N/A.
House LocationLancaster, California.
Physical Statistics
Height (Tall)Feet & Inches: 4'7".
WeightPounds: 74 lbs.
Eye ColorBlack.
Shoe Size (UK)7.
Hair ColorBlack.
ParentsFather: Victor Avalos.
Mother: Heather Barron.
Siblings5 (Names not available).
School El Dorado Elementary School.


How Anthony Avalos Died?

In the year 2018 on 20th June, 911 got a call that a child (Anthony Avalos) dropped from the roof. It was Heather Barron who made the call. Anthony had serious injuries in his head which were caused due to the fall. Doctors tried their best to save the child but the next day on 21st June 2018 Avalos died.

Anthony Avalos in hospital
Anthony Avalos in hospital

Investigation revealed that Kareem Leiva pushed the child from the window which caused a fatal injury in his skull and internal bleeding caused death. When the medical officers were examining the body then they found wounds on his body.

There were cuts on Anthony Avalos’ body and other damages that were caused due to whipping him with a belt. Reports further revealed that the couple used to torture him daily which took the innocent life.


Why Kareem Leiva & Heather Barron killed Anthony Avalos and where are they now?

Heather’s husband revealed that she is a homophobic (those who hate homosexuals). Victor Avalos even revealed that once Anthony Avalos stated that he like boys and Barron doubted that he was gay. This was the reason why Leiva and Heather killed Anthony.

Anthony Avalos mother Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva
Anthony Avalos’ mother, Heather Barron, and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva.

At present Kareem Leiva is kept at Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail and his girlfriend Heather Barron is residing at Century Regional Detention Facility, Lynwood, USA.

People and prosecutors are demanding a death penalty for both the abusers. The next hearing is on 5th March 2020.


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  • Police said that Kareem Leiva threw Anthony multiple times form the roof.
  • When he was only 4 years old when his maternal grandfather sexually molested him.
  • Just like Gabriel Fernandez, Anthony Avalos was also tortured because his mother used to think that he was gay.
  • Kareem has a very bad previous record and was also involved in gang activities.
  • His height was 4 ft 7 in and weight was 74 lbs.

Anthony Avalos height & weight

  • The neighbors revealed that when Anthony was 6 years old his mother used to keep him locked in a room starving.
  • His Father Victor Avalos blamed the county for not handling his case well and filed a case for 50 million USD.
  • Social workers also got blamed for no looking after his case well.
  • In his school, he used to get student of the month award.



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