Daniel Lee Martin

Daniel Lee Martin Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Death & Facts

Daniel Lee Martin (born in 1965 - died February 14, 2020) was an American Former Country Music Singer and Reality Television Personality from Florida....
Papa Dennis

Papa Dennis Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Biography, Family & Death

Papa Dennis aka "Dennis Mwangi" (born in 1995) was a singer, rapper, musician, and songwriter from Matunda city in Western Kenya. He was a...
Gurlej Akhtar

Gurlej Akhtar (Punjabi Singer) Wiki, Age, Husband, Biography & Family

Gurlej Akhtar (born March 3, 1987) is an Indian Playback Singer, Music Artist, and Performer in the Punjabi Movies from Ludhiana, India. She started...
Dennis Garcia

Dennis Garcia (Hotdog) Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Death & Facts

Dennis Garcia (born in 1950 - died January 18, 2020) was a Filipino Bassist, Singer, Musician and Songwriter from Manila, Philippines. He co-founded a...
Exo Chen

Exo Chen Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Affairs & More

Exo Chen (born 21 September 1992) is a famous Korean singer, songwriter, and stage performer from Daejeon city in South Korea. He works as...
Ava Max

Ava Max Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Family & More

Ava Max (born 16 February 1994) is a famous American Singer and songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. She is best known for her...

Lily Allen Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Affairs & Family

Lily Allen (born May 2, 1985) is an English Musical Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Social Media Personality from Hammersmith, London. She first gained immense...
Jordan McGraw

Jordan McGraw Wiki, Age, Wife (Phil McGraw’s Son) Biography, Family

Jordan McGraw (born October 21, 1986) is an American Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Celebrity Kid from Los Angeles, California. He is best known...
Sonu Kakkar

Sonu Kakkar Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Biography & Family

Sonu Kakkar (born 20 October 1979) is a famous Indian Singer, and Songwriter. She has sung many songs in different languages like Punjabi, Hindi,...
Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Facts

Prateek Kuhad (born 3 March 1990) is a very famous singer, composer, and songwriter from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. First, he learned singing and then...

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