Scooter Libby Net worth: How Rich is Scooter Libby Actually?

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Scooter Libby Net worth: How Rich is Scooter Libby Actually? Irving Lewis Libby or Scooter Libby (born on 22nd of August, 1950) is an American Lawyer and the former Chief of staff to Vice President of United States “Dick Cheney“. As of 2018, the estimated Net worth of Scooter Libby is approx $19 Million US dollars.


He has also held the position of Senior Advisor and Assistant to Vice President for Security Issues. In addition to this, he has also Assisted President George Walker Bush in his Presidential Period. But in October 2005, he has resigned from all the given Position due to criminal charges against him.


Scooter Libby Net worth: $19 Million US Dollars (Approx)

In 2005, Scooter Libby has been accused by the charges like leaking the identity of “Valerie Plame” CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) officer. Furthermore in 2007, he has also convicted for charges like Lying to the FBI, Perjury, objection of justice and making false statements in the investigation of the case.


He has also appealed in the higher court against all these charges. But, he was sentenced for 30 months of federal prison. Scooter Libby’s voting rights, Law Licence and all other legal rights has been suspended at that point of time. Later President George W. Bush has commuted his 30 month’s prison sentence.


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Later, in the court he has told everyone that he is not the source of leaking the identity of Valerie Plame. However after the final conviction, he has restored his law license. Furthermore in 2013, Bob McDonnell (Former Governor of Virginia) has helped him to restore his voting rights.



According to ABC News, President Donald Trump is planning to pardon Scooter Libby. On 12th of April 2013, President Trump has signed on his pardon. Furthermore, Mr.Trump is thinking to sign on his pardon from last few months.



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