Choi Eun-hee Net worth: How Rich was Choi Eun-hee Actually?

Choi Eun-hee Net worth

Choi Eun-hee Net worth, Earnings & Wealth (How Rich was Choi Eun-hee Actually) Choi Eun-hee is a South Korean Actress, Celebrity & Film producer. She has become overnight Star after the release of her debut movie “A New Oath” in 1947. The estimated net worth of Cho Eun-hee is around $16 million US dollars as of 2018.


Who is Choi Eun-hee? Facts about Legendary Korean Actress

Who is Choi Eun-hee Facts about Legendary Korean Actress

Choi Eun-hee was a famous Korean actress who was born on 20th of November, 1926 at Gwangju, South Korea. Therefore, the age of Choi is near about Ninety one (91) years old as on 2018. Furthermore, she has married to Shin Sang-ok (Korean Film Producer & Director) in 1953.

Choi Eun-hee has acted in many movies of Shin Sang-ok like A Flower in Hell (1958), To the Last Day (1960), The Houseguest and My Mother (1961) and many more.


Choi Eun-hee Net worth: $16 Million US Dollars Approx

She has divorced Shin in 1978 due to his external extra-marital affairs and adultery. Furthermore, in same year Choi Eun-hee has been kidnapped by the Kim Jong-il and taken from Hong Kong to North Korea.

Choi Eun-hee with her Husband "Shin Sang-ok"
Choi Eun-hee with her Husband “Shin Sang-ok”

The main reason of this kidnapping is that Kim wanted Shin to work as his Propagandist. In addition, Kim also wanted Choi Eun-hee to be the star. Therefore, Choi remarried with Shin Sang-ok in 1983.

However, in 1986 this couple has escaped from the Vienna trip to USA Embassy and requested for Right of asylum.

Choi Eun-hee has worked in approx 130 movies from 1947 to 2018. Furthermore, she has also awarded as a best actress for her work in movie “Sogum” at Moscow International Film Festival in 1985.

She has also written an Autobiographical Book “Confessions of Choi Eun-hee” which was published in 2007.

On 16th of April 2018, she has died at the age of Ninety one (91) while having kidney dialysis in Hospital. Choi Eun-hee’s eldest son “Shin Jeong-gyun” has also told media that her heath is not good from past few weeks.


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