Jack Conte Net Worth & Wealth (Facts about Patreon Founder Jack Conte)

Jack Conte Net Worth & Wealth (Facts about Patreon Founder Jack Conte)

Jack Conte Net Worth, Rich, House, Earnings & Wealth (Facts about Co-Founder of Patreon): Jack Conte is an American Entrepreneur, Music Composer, Singer, lyricist, DJ, YouTube Celebrity and Film producer. He has founded Patreon (Patron Driven Platform) in May 2013 with his co-founder “Sam Yam“. Therefore, the estimated net worth of Jack Conte is approx $6.3 Million US Dollars as of 2018.


Who is Jack Conte? How much Money Patreon Founder is Making

Who is Jack Conte How much Money Patreon Founder is Making

Jack Conte was born on 12th of July, 1984 at California, United States. Therefore, the age of Patreon Co-Founder is near about 34 years old as of 2018. He has married to Nataly Dawn (American Musician) in May 2016.

Jack Conte has started his career in Entertainment Media Industry. He has given his voice for “teenage boy” character in a famous life simulation video game “The Sims 2“. Furthermore, he becomes overnight celebrity after the release of his popular “Yeah Yeah Yeah” song on YouTube.


Jack Conte Net Worth: $6.3 Million US dollars Approx

Jack Conte with Patreon Co Founder Sam Yam
Image Details: Jack Conte with Patreon Co Founder “Sam Yam”.

Jack Conte is a talented artist who knows much type of artistic skills. Furthermore, he is a very good Musician and Singer who can play various types of Music instruments. He can play Guitar, Drums, Piano, Accordion, electronic keyboard and other percussion instruments.

He has also formed a band “Pomplamoose” along with his wife Nataly Dawn in summer of 2008. This Musical Duos has sold more than 100,150 songs online in 2009. Furthermore, this band has released various musical albums like “Tribute to Famous People (2010)” and “Pomplamoose (2009)”.

In addition to this, the song “Hail Mary” of this band got viral on YouTube in March 2015. As a result, they got more than 450,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Jack Conte has founded Patreon in 2013 with a very clear aim to help artists and creator. Furthermore, Patreon is an online platform in which creator can make their own website page to provide subscription based content to the subscribers.

In addition to this, Patreon also provide tools to creators for providing content in an efficient ways. This platform is mostly used by Video content creators, Musicians, Animators, Web comics’ artists, writers, bloggers, podcasters and other online creators. Jonathan Rosenberg is a famous web comic artist who uses Patreon in its early stage.

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