Vinnie Paul Net Worth: How Rich is Pantera Drummer Actually? 2018

Vinnie Paul Net Worth How Rich is Pantera Drummer Actually 2018

Vinnie Paul Net worth, Income, Wealth, House, Car, Lifestyle, Assets, Financial Status, Money, and Career (How Rich is Pantera Drummer Actually): Vinnie Paul (March 11, 1964) was an American based professional drummer, songwriter, and producer. However, he is no more now as he died on June 22, 2018 (Friday) at Arlington, Texas (USA). Therefore, the estimated net worth of Vinnie Paul is around $8 Million US Dollars (USD) during the year 2018.

The news of his death had released on his Facebook page. Moreover, the cause of his death has not revealed by his family members. In the year 1981, Paul had formed a band name “Pantera” with his brother Dimebag Darrell.

The members in his band were Terry Glaze (Drummer), Tommy D. Bradford (Guitarist) and Donnie Hart (Vocalist). In addition, Pantera Drummer’s Spouse is very sad about this shocking news.


Who is Vinnie Paul? Facts about Pantera’s Founder & Drummer

In fact, the band had released three albums in a row at that time. During the 1990s, Pantera had signed a contract with Atco Records and released an album “Cowboys from Hell”. In addition to this, the album had changed the fate of their band.

Who is Vinnie Paul Facts about Pantera’s Founder & Drummer

Moreover, the songs released by Vinnie’s musical group were “Suicide Note Pt. I”, Revolution Is My Name”, “Cemetery Gates” and “I’m Broken”. By the end of 2016, around five albums had released by the band including Unden!able.

When he was alive, he had tried to publish a cookbook name “Drumming up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul”.However, due to some internal and health issues of Vinnie the band had closed in 2003. He did not try to return to music after the death of his brother Dimebag in 2006.


Vinnie Paul Net worth: $8 Million US Dollars

Vinnie had also associated with another US-based band as a drummer name “Hellyeah” (Super Group). During the year 2003, once again he had associated with his late brother to form a heavy metal band “Damageplan”.

Furthermore, he had used Tama drums during the making to Cowboy and Hell Album from 1990 to 1992. By the end of 1992, he had started using Remo drums for Far Beyond Driven and Vulgar Display of Power albums respectively.

Vinnie Paul Net worth $8 Million USD

Through his career as a drummer, he had made the use of Vic Firth drumsticks and Sabian Cymbals. In addition to this, the 54-year old drummer had best known for using real miked and samples mixed drum sounds during the live concerts by his band.


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