Sajid Javid Net worth: How Rich is UK’s New Home Secretary Actually?

Sajid Javid Net worth How Rich is UK's New Home Secretary Actually

Sajid Javid Net worth (How Rich is UK’s New Home Secretary actually): Sajid Javid (born on 5th of December, 1969) is a British Politician, Investor, Banker and Former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank. The estimated net worth of Sajid Javid is approx £8.5 Million British Pounds. On 30th of April 2018, he has appointed as the New Home Secretary after replacing Amber Rudd.


Who is Sajid Javid? Facts about the New Home Secretary of United Kingdom

Who is Sajid Javid Facts about the New Home Secretary of United Kingdom

Sajid Javid was born on 5th of December, 1969 at Rochdale, Lancashire, UK. Therefore, the age of Sajid is near about Forty Nine (49) years old as of 2018. Furthermore, his father belongs to South Asian country i.e. “Pakistan“.


Sajid Javid’s Family has moved from Lancashire to Bristol to find better opportunity of living. Furthermore, Sajid has four brothers and no sister. In addition to this, Sajid Javid’s Father has worked as a bus driver in Bristol. His mother is undergraduate lady and worked as a house wife.


Sajid Javid has completed his high school education at Downend School, Bristol from 1981 to 1986. After this, he has graduated from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (1986-1988).


Furthermore, Sajid has studied economics and politics from University of Exeter in the year 1988 to 1991. After completing his studies, he has joined Conservative Party in 1991.


Sajid Javid Net worth: £8.5 Million British Pounds

Sajid Javid Net worth, Earnings, Wealth, House, Money and Cars


Sajid Javid has joined Chase Manhattan Bank, New York City after post graduating from University. He has worked in different department and different position at Chase Manhattan Bank. In addition to this, Sajid Javid has mostly worked in South American country. He has also appointed as Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank.


In 1997, Sajid flies back to London. He has also recruited as Director at Deutsche Bank in 2000. Furthermore, in 2004 he is promoted to managing director role in the same bank.


At his peak time in Banks, Sajid Javid’s wealth and earning is around £3 Million Pounds. Furthermore, he also owns properties in London worth of £6 Million Pounds. In addition to this, he also has a 3 Royal house and 46 Luxurious cars in UK.


In 2009, he has resigned from all position at Deutsche Bank to start his career in Politics. He has become Member of Parliament in 2010 Election from Bromsgrove’s Seat in Worcestershire. On 30th of April 2018, he has appointed as the UK’s New Home Secretary after the resignation of Amber Rudd due to Windrush scandal.

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